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Sandoz Omnitrope

Human Growth Hormone – Somatropin is the wonder substance of the last few decades.
It is used by everyone from models to bodybuilders, athletes to actors from singers to celebrities.
It is nothing short of a miracle substance, it is know as the master hormone. For this reason it builds muscle, burns fat, repairs old injuries and makes you look younger.

Dosages for youth and beauty should be at around 3 iu per day.
For a model like body around 5iu and for bodybuilding purposes around 7 iu per day is recommended.
Obviously as many people find cost a factor you can go for 3iu per day over a longer period of time and still see results that will make you happy.

Personally having used Omnitrope it is one of my favorites.
I find it a very strong hgh with fast results . It is very easy to constitute and very high quality mixture. I find it fantastic for cutting and lean muscle growth. Many people ask the main difference between genotropin and omnitrope. I find genotropin has more water retention and suited more for bulking. Omnitrope more suited to cutting. However these are minor differences as all pharmaceutical hgh is the best in the world.

Each Pack contains 30 iu as pictured below. It is an extremely stable and high quality version of hgh as it comes already premixed in a small cartridge.

Each order is handled by me personally purchased through the pharmacy via doctors supervision. 

Payment by Credit card through PayPal Bank Wire or Western Union/Moneygram
Free Worldwide shipping via discreet packaging.
UK USA CANADA and EUROPE have 100% success rate over 16 years of shipping !!!!
No hidden costs all fees included.

Why you should trust me

* Or equivalent in your local currency.
Bank Transfer has an additional 5% discount

For custom orders and inquires about hgh, please contact me directly

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